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Our Team Approach.

Together Everyone Achieves More. Two Heads Are Better Than One. Cheesy? Maybe, but not to us. Our team mentality and family values are something we have been practicing for, well, a very long time. As a Father-Daughter team, this history goes back as far as we can remember. We are a dynamic and driven duo who has a passion for our careers as Professional Realtors, and strive to go beyond your expectations. At the core of our beliefs, we focus on our clients; your needs are paramount. Just as every home has its differences, unique assets and features that set it apart, we have come to know each person or family we work with has different motivations and needs. It is our personalized service, focused property preparations, and exemplary results that set us apart. It is our job to put you first. Our hope is that you will be delighted with the home selling process; our goal is that you will be so pleased with our service that you will turn to us for advice on your future real estate needs.

“Earning Your Trust. Deserving Of Your Repeat Business And Referrals.”

Our Pre-Listing Property Launch Plan.

Planning Makes Perfect. Ensuring there is a solid plan in place is key to making the listing process as stress-free and seamless as possible for our clients.

  • A Free Home Evaluation and Consultation with both Jeff and Alyea with a full Current Market Analysis.
  • Establish a pricing strategy examining comparable homes in your neighbourhood or market area that have SOLD and homes that are currently FOR SALE to establish value and estimated days on market.
  • Establish significant timelines. It is our job to sell your property within a timeframe that fits your plans and for the highest price attainable. When we meet you for your Pre-Listing Consultation, let’s discuss your needs and work out plan that works for You.
  • Communication is Key. We will walk through every step of what to expect before you list, during the listing process, the negotiations when an offer is received, all throughout the process of satisfying conditions, coordinating details with lawyers and beyond. But YOU are most important to us. We want you to know your expectations – Jeff and I are not just our team – You are a part of it too.
  • Coming Soon! While adhering to the rules and guidelines in our listing agreement, we have a database of clients and colleagues who are keen to hear about new homes before they hit MLS. We try to stir up as much activity on your listing as we can even before it officially hits the market.

Exclusive Complimentary Services

You only have one chance to make a first impression. We are Professional Realtor’s. We are not accredited home stagers, or professional iPhone photographers. We use the best experts on our Marketing Team to prepare and showcase your home, to bring it to its full potential, and to make it attractive and desirable to the largest potential audience – Why? To get you top dollar!

  • Professional Staging Consultation with our Award Winning, Professional Stager, Michelle Finnamore of Finnamore Interiors and Advantage Staging. She is a recipient of the RESA Home Staging Industry’s Award for TOP 10 Stagers in Canada in 2016. Her work has been featured on HGTV and Fox Network. With proven success and results, Michelle improves the visual quality of each home we list, increasing the value of the home and the speed at which the homes are sold.
  • Michelle’s 3 Step Process. Step 1: Written Report.A 2-3 hour consultation with a written report left with you outlining recommendations to get the property into model home condition. Step 2: Prep work. Prep work is done by the homeowner, Advantage Staging or a combination of the two. This work can consist of packing, decluttering, removing/rearranging furniture and artwork, repairs, painting etc. Step 3: The Home Staging day. This crucial step is when your home is staged its final model home condition making the property ready for photos and open houses.
  • Professional Photography & Virtual Tour/Video. Trained with a Buyers eye and built to make your listings shine. Listings marketed with professional photography receive 61% more views. You only have 3 seconds to capture their attention. How? The secret sauce is professional photography. We can see how many people view your virtual tour and property video. Posted on,,, MLS/, and much more. We want the right person to view your home in a presentable manner; the more exposure the better.
  • Arial Photography. Masterful artwork never looked better. This is not amateur hour. Only experienced professionals can capture the best views in the air. Not all properties are suitable or demand this type of attention, but when they do, our photographer delivers and make you and your property look incredible.
    Twilight Photography. When suitable, these photos are the ultimate when setting the mood. Twilight photography romances the buyer and gets them fantasizing—once that happens, the house has become a home.

Marketing Action Plan

Specialized, strategic plan is put into place, customized for your property. Showcasing features of your home with the largest amount of exposure and mix of marketing tools to earn top dollar as quickly as possible. We strive to create distinction for your property amongst the marketplace.

  • Custom Personal Property Website. Your property URL is an integral part of our evaluation of our marketing efforts for your home. How many views are we getting on your virtual tour?When we placed a print advertisement, did it re-direct people to your personal property website? We have the ability to measure and monitor these important statistics and if need be, make ongoing changes to the personalized marketing plan for your property. We share all of this information with you on our weekly updates.
  • Professional Marketing Hand Out Design and Production. We want a potential Buyer’s visit to your home to be memorable. We want them to take home a professional hand out so on the car ride home she says ‘Hunny, this is the one for us’. “Remember that beautiful chandelier in the foyer? Oh, I loved that it backed onto green space. Check out that pool at night.” It is their one stop shop to remember the features of your home with the MLS listing, and additional details/features/ upgrades/updates on your property, plus local school information, area influences, and more. We are setting up that appointment with a successful end-result in mind.
  • Extensive Internet Promotion. The National Association of Realtors said that in 2014, 9 out of 10 consumers viewed their home online first, and 43% of home buyers found the home they purchased online. Proactively marketing your property online is #1 in our efforts; between a list of website affiliations and strong Social Media presence. We focus on driving consumers to your property& increasing exposure to not only get people through your door, but get the RIGHT person through your door.
  • Tailored Advertising Plan. While studies show that online presence is most impactful to potential buyers, we do know that some buyers like the good old fashioned print publications. We have chosen known publications that have either a local presence in your property area, or offer a strong online component as well. Publications we advertise in on a regular basis include but are not limited to:

    – The Alliston Herald
    – The Orangeville Banner
    – Tottenham Times
    – New Tecumseth Times
    – The Barrie Advance
    – Homes and Land Caledon
    – Homes and Land King
    – King Weekly

  • Your Listing On Multiple Real Estate Boards. Thousands of people have access to your listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) through the Public website. Bearing your property location in mind, in some cases it is of utmost importance to ensure your listing is put on more than one Real Estate Board’s website for added exposure, and to ensure it is not overlooked by other Realtors. We know that some Buyer clients rely exclusively on their Sales Representative to preview, and identify potential houses of interest to them. We will make sure it does not get missed in their property search.
  • Solid Signage. We receive many comments from satisfied clients and others alike on our custom for sale sign posts and clean, professional signage. We have a local supplier who installs, cares for, and removes our property signage. It is attractive and professional, solid, lit up by solar and easy to see at night and gives a good impression to potential buyers (and your neighbour will appreciate it’s design too!). Oh – And we do not put up a For Sale sign in your lawn until the rest of the items above have been checked off and thoroughly completed. When you go to buy a car, does the dealership bring you into the production room to show you the almost-completed product, giving you a list of features on a sticky note, or do you see the car when the finished product is presentable with a memorable take home brochure?
  • Open Houses. We host Realtor Preview Open Houses in our area for 1-2 hours on a weekday. This allows local Realtors to preview your home, and share with their clients any potential properties of interest. Also with your permission, we host our Listing Launch Open House the first weekend your house hits the market. These are advertised in print advertisements, online, and through social media.

Sales Campaign Analysis

Ongoing sales efforts & improvements or ‘tweaks’ to our marketing plan are necessary. Open communication, consistent activity feedback and constant evaluation of techniques ensure the listing is, and remains marketable and saleable.

  • The Showing Process. We will ensure all proper instructions are given when we understand your, and your family’s needs when it’s time to show your house. The process is professional, stress-free, and we will provide you with real-time feedback on completion.
  • Statistics Analysis and Weekly Touch Base.What is working well? Is the feedback we are receiving different than what we expected? How it the website performing? We constantly evaluate our marketing efforts and communicate with you activity and feedback on a weekly basis

We’ll Help You Settle In.

After sale care is very important to us. We will follow up with you on the day of closing, and after the first week passes following your move to care for any remaining details or service needs.

  • Trusted Recommended Professional Referrals. Our Team and company keeps a database of recommended, trusted professionals for every connection throughout your purchase and or sale of real estate. Check out our ‘Business Directory’ under the Home Page of our website for a list of categories of businesses/services that may be of assistance to you. Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Us and we would be happy to look into what it is you need personally.
  • Superior Client Service and Care. When it comes to real estate, it seems like everyone talks about Customer Service. We recognize that you want more than just conversation. You want a commitment to action. That’s why The Hummel Team at Coldwell Banker has committed to Ultimate Service®, a system that puts you in control. Ultimate service delivers real value and assures you the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • We Listen. We want to know what things are most important to you, the customer. Tell Us. We’ll Listen.
  • Together, We Set Written Service Standards. We’ll develop a customized service plan that reflects your specific needs. We will live up to these written commitments, or you have the right to cancel your Buyer’s agreement.
  • The Result: Ultimate Service. We take everything we’ve learned along the way and use it to continually improve the services we offer. Over a hundred years ago, the Coldwell Banker brand was formed on the fundamental premise of placing our customers’ needs above all else. This commitment has lef to many innovations which have been adopted as industry standards, helping to make the Coldwell Banker brand a leader in our field. If you’re looking for a complete program backed by the best guarantees in the business, that puts you in control, Contact Us and discover for yourself what Ultimate Service is all about.
  • Repeat and Referral Clients. We have proudly assisted the same clients over and over again in their buying and selling needs. We are delighted that our client base has chosen to turn to us again and again for their real estate needs. While the majority of our business each year comes from repeat business and client referrals, we are never too busy to assist new clients! It is our joy educating first time home buyers, first time home sellers, new families to the area and alike on the process of buying and selling real estate.

    The Hummel Team. Earning Your Trust. Deserving Of Your Repeat Business and Referrals.